Does your Cloud-based Sandbox offer you these leverages?

Enterprises depending on cultures or methodologies like DevOps or Agile prioritise continuous iteration of development and testing which results in the rapid deployment of products. Multiple teams work in a highly-structured and process-oriented SDLC process making it tough for employees without hands-on experience to contribute to their true potential. Virtual labs where employees can practice technology with real-world scenarios has become a way to ensure competence. The omnipresence of cloud environments in enterprises explain why cloud-hosted virtual labs have become consequential.

Here is how your organisation can leverage these for-practice virtual labs and learning sandbox environments for employee transformation at will.

Deploy pre-configured VM and simulations on-demand

The installation and maintenance of a physical training infrastructure or VM’s become an additional responsibility of an existing IT team. The implementation period of such facilities can last for months and kills precious production hours. On the other hand, deploying virtual practice labs on MakeMyLabs is a fully automated and you can create and configure any sandbox environment within a few clicks and you’ll be all set to measure the ROI of your employee training.

A robust playground for your training and development teams

Virtual IT labs provide the playground for your team’s training and production validations as well. These pre-configured labs act as simulators of real-world scenarios that you can test your solutions on. So before your team hit the production floor, MakeMyLabs help you provision pre-configured technology labs so that your employees gets enough hands-on experience on the very technology they are being skilled upon.

Wide range of catalogs and custom dashboard

MakeMyLabs is a platform with continuously expanding pre-configured virtual lab catalog. Most labs on the platform have a ‘time machine’ theme where you can configure your employee training environment based on different developmental versions be it past, present or future technologies. In case your training requirement revolves around a relatively newer technology, you are a call away from deploying a virtual lab for your team.

Business dashboards based on the labs your team uses, do the full usage analysis and you get to track hours of labs used and the projects completed by each user in the team.

Spend Control

Spend control in cloud usage has been one of the biggest cost optimization issues being encountered by enterprises using cloud services in any form. With cloud-hosted virtual IT labs on MakeMyLabs, users pay for what they use and, in a way, meet their L&D bottomline.

Usage Monitoring

When you are training teams as large as 20,000 in one training program, you will need a reliable cloud usage monitoring. As most virtual lab providers offer a budget model, MakeMyLabs works on a ‘pay for what you use’ model and billing are turned off automatically as soon as the user leaves the platform. With usage measured up to seconds, MakeMyLabs labs ensure you pay for what you used on the platform.

Ease of use

While many teams have already adopted Cloud for the agility it brings, there is a lot of complexity too. Nuvepro Cloud Labs hides the complexity of the Cloud and provides the Engineering team with just the right interfaces to develop, test and deploy.


Security threats like data breaches, phishing, malware or IoT vulnerabilities are curbed by extending the enterprise network or providing a secure hosting space by the

We understand that the code and IP are the lifeblood of an Enterprise. To address any concerns regarding their security in the cloud, the sandboxes can be created in the Enterprise networks extended to the cloud. The same security rules and policies that are applied to Enterprise networks can also be extended to the cloud.

Virtual Labs are solving multiple talent management issues among enterprises and will continue to do so. Is your engineering team leveraging the cloud-based sandbox?

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