Is your workforce getting enough hands-on practice?

The 1000 hours of deliberate practice before the age of 20 certainly makes you a master of the trade. But first things first, university technology programs have always lacked the basic facilities for hands-on experiences among students and used to start only at in-class training sessions or during their enterprise training sessions. So what is […]

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5 Software Training Use Cases for Virtual Training Labs

Enterprises competence today has new standards in the form of digital transformation of their workforce, empowering their users with product training and closing skill gaps in their talent pool. At the same time Learning and Development strategies in enterprises are also taking a sharp turn with optimised swift, engaging, and effective technical training practices. Virtual […]

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Does your Cloud-based Sandbox offer you these leverages?

Enterprises depending on cultures or methodologies like DevOps or Agile prioritise continuous iteration of development and testing which results in the rapid deployment of products. Multiple teams work in a highly-structured and process-oriented SDLC process making it tough for employees without hands-on experience to contribute to their true potential. Virtual labs where employees can practice […]

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